Townies - Episode #13 - Fugheddaboutit!!

February 15, 2015

The Boys discuss Brooklynese and the Hunter Gatherer Lifestyle


Townies - Episode 12 - Dirty Dozen

January 21, 2015

Brendan Joins us to ruin every punchline and discuss banning Styrofoam.


Townies - Episode 11 - High Fructose Feminism

December 19, 2014

Our First Female Guest Francesca Debates some of the finer points of our Society's Problems.
Featuring the Song "Little Party" by The Heaves -  Available for Download on iTunes and Amazon


Townies - Episode 10 - Townies 10

December 9, 2014

We've Made it to Double Digits!! What better way to get into the Christmas Season than to listen to the 3 of us Tell Stories about the trivialities of our personal experience! Besides, It ain't like you've got anything better to do, Damn It!!!


Townies - Episode 9 - Love Potion #9

November 17, 2014

Did you ever see someone pick food out of their teeth and flick it at someone?


Townies - Episode 8 - Grandma’s Jelly Jar

October 7, 2014

Brooklyn's Own Garage Rock Band "The Heaves" open and close this Episode with their song "Giant Need" Check them out at 


Townies - Episode 7 - Hip Hop Hippie Pop

August 29, 2014

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?? Fughetaboutit!!! Find out what it feels like to get douched with scalding hot water...


Townies - Episode 6 - The Fat Hornet

August 15, 2014

Keith and Roger Meet The Fat Hornet


Townies - Episode 5 - Rock Rock Rockaway Beach

July 18, 2014

If you drink a beer on the beach, you'll get a summons, but if you're drinking wine in the park while watching the philharmonic, NYPD and the Parks Department doesn't say shit! Double Standard? Listen in as the boys tackle this problem, along with many other pressing intergalactic issues. Recorded Live From Rockaway Beach, Guest starring Roger and Gary.


Townies - Episode 4 - World Cup of Homelessness

June 21, 2014

World Cup of Homelessness